DBM Strips and Blocks

Demineralized Bone Matrix

  • 100% Demineralized Bone Matrix
  • Flexible and Compressible
  • Variety of Sizes (Blocks, Strips, Chips)
  • Sterilized SAL 10-6
Product Code Description Measurements
OPT-S30107 DBM Strip Small L=30mm W=10mm H=7mm
OPT-S35207 DBM Strip Medium L=35mm W= 20mm H=7mm
OPT-S50107 DBM Strip Large L=50mm W=10mm H=7mm
OPT-S50207 DBM Strip XLarge L=50mm W=20mm H=7mm
Product Code Description Measurements
OPT-B008 DBM Cancellous Block L=8mm W=8mm H=8mm
OPT-B010 DBM Cancellous Block L=10mm W=10mm H=10mm
OPT-B012 DBM Cancellous Block L=12mm W=12mm H=12mm
OPT-B013 DBM Cancellous Block L=13mm W=13mm H=13mm
OPT-B014 DBM Cancellous Block L=14mm W=14mm H=14mm
OPT-B015 DBM Cancellous Block L=15mm W=15mm H=15mm